Wang Luoxuan Participated in the Eighth Online Summer Program of Law Schools Global League

Jul 27, 2020

On July 24, 2020, the eighth online Summer Program of  Law Schools Global League (LSGL), which lasted for two weeks, was successfully completed. As one of the three representatives of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), Wang Luoxuan, an undergraduate enrolled in 2017 at Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, CUPL, participated in this Summer Program.

The program sponsored by the Law Schools Global League, is undertaken in turn by different member institutions each year. Students who participate in the program are selected by the member institutions and each can only recommend 1or 2 students. The program was organized by the Russian National Research University Higher School of Economics this year. Affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching was adopted. Senior professors in the member institutions from Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Israel and some other countries, were invited to give courses on issues in the field of global hot spots such as international investment, international trade e-commerce and international tax, and in various forms of teaching such as interactive teaching, group discussion, exchange and display. The students also attended the academic annual conference held by LSGL. The great lessons and strong communication atmosphere not only enable the students to increase their professional knowledge, but also greatly expand their international vision and improve their international communication skills at the same time.

(Russian National Research University Higher School of Economics)

About LSGL:

Established in 2012, Law Schools Global League (LSGL) is the world's first formal joint organization of law schools among universities. It aims to achieve close multilateral cooperation in teaching and research through various levels and types of exchange projects among member institutions. Each year, LSGL holds annual conferences in member institutions in turn, and organizes a Summer Program at the same time. At present, there are 31 members of LSGL, all of which are well-known law schools in the world, including UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), McGill University, Edinburgh University, Stockholm University, National University of Singapore, University of Cape Town in South Africa, etc. In China, only three universities joined in LSGL, namely, China University of Political Science and Law (joined in 2013), Wuhan University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.