Dec 27, 2019

Associate Professor

Master’s Supervisor

Educational Background

LL.M., China University of Political Science and Law

Work Experience

1991.7 - Present       Associate Professor, Environmental and Resources Law Institute, China University of Political Science and Law

Research Interests

Environmental and Resources Law

Courses Taught

Environmental Law

Contact Information

Email: Yangyuan

Representative Publications


1. The Theoretical Basis and Role Orientation of the Right of Action in Environmental Civil Public Interest Litigations of Environmental Protection Organizations in China, Social Sciences Journal of Universities in Shanxi, No .10, 2020.

2. The Unity of Heaven and Man and the Environmental Protection, Rule of Law: A Perspective from Philosophy, Series 4, Contemporary China Publishing House, 2018.

3. On the Crime Constitution of Cruelty to Animals, Journal of CUPL, No. 6, 2011.

4. On "Animals Are Not Things, What Are They", Civil and Commercial Law Review, Vol. 29, 2004.

5. The Legal Philosophical Reflections on the Relationship Between Humans and Animals, Contemporary Law Review, No. 4, 2002.