Commercial Law Institute


The Commercial Law Institute was formerly known as the “Teaching and Research Section of the Economic Law” and the “Teaching and Research Section of the Civil and Commercial law" of China University of Political Science and Law. In 2002, the Department of Economic Law and the Department of Law were reorganized and established the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School. At the same time, some of the excellent faculty members of the above two teaching and research sections were restructured, establishing the "Commercial Law Institute". The name continues to the present day.

There are 27 faculty members in the Commercial Law Institute, most of whom are professors, associate professors and doctors of law. They are proficient in English, Japanese, German, French, Korean and Russian. The Institute has been a leading academic institution in China. Professor Jiang Ping is a tenured professor; Professor Zhao Xudong is the Chairman of the China Commercial Law Society; Professor Li Jianwei is the Secretary-General; and Professor Wang Yong is the Vice Chairman of the China Business Law Society.

As a unit with equal emphasis on teaching and scientific research, the Commercial Law Institute undertakes the compulsory courses as well as nearly 20 selective courses for undergraduates such as General Introduction to Commercial Law, Company Law, Enterprise Law, Insurance Law, Trust Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Bankruptcy Law, Securities Law, Investment Fund Law, Charity Law, Foreign Investment Law, Case Study on Commercial Law, Case Study on Company Law, Company Law(bilingual),etc. While cultivating undergraduates and those with double degrees, the Institute is also responsible for the teaching and cultivation of postgraduates and PhD students in commercial law. It is also a platform for the postdoctoral program.

In terms of the scientific research, the Commercial Law Institute has undertaken a number of major, key, general and youth research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. In addition, the Institute is responsible for the compilation of the national commercial law textbooks and auxiliary teaching materials. "Commercial Law" is assessed as one of the excellent courses by the Ministry of Education and "Company Law" as the excellent course by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. The Institute is graded as the Excellent Teaching Team by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Professor Zhao Xudong is awarded as the National Famous Teacher. The textbooks and auxiliary teaching materials compiled by the Institute mainly include Commercial Law, Case Study on Commercial Law, Teaching Rules and Regulations on Commercial Law, Company Law, Securities Law, Insurance Law, E-commerce Law, etc.

The Commercial Law Institute also focuses on maintaining academic ties with domestic and foreign institutions, including Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The cooperation involves scientific research institutions, government departments, and teaching departments, etc.