Social Law Institute


The Social Law Institute was formerly known as the “Institute of Labor and Social Security Law”, which was established by the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School of China University of Political Science and Law in 2002. As the social law was listed as one of the 7 legal departments of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics at the 4th session of the 9th National People's Congress, the Institute of Labor and Social Security Law was then renamed the “Social Law Institute” in 2009 in response to the needs of the highest legislative department.

There are 12 faculty members in the Social Law Institute, most of whom are professors, associate professors, doctors of law. They are proficient in English and German. As a unit with equal emphasis on teaching and scientific research, the Institute undertakes more than 10 compulsory and selective courses for undergraduates such as Labor Law, Social Security Law, Trust Law, Health Law, Social Organization Law and Charity Law, Anti-discrimination Law and Special Group Protection Law. While cultivating undergraduates and those with double degrees, the Institutes also responsible for the teaching and cultivation of postgraduates and PhD students in social law.

In terms of scientific research, the Social Law Institute has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial research projects, some of which are still in progress. In addition, the Institutes responsible for compiling the textbooks and auxiliary teaching materials, constructing excellent courses, and carrying out research projects at the university, provincial, and national levels. The fields include Labor Law, Social Security Law, Trust Law, Charity Law and Health Law. The textbooks and auxiliary teaching materials compiled and translated by the Institute mainly include Social Law, Labor Law, Social Security Law, Social Insurance Law, Research on Teaching and Education in Labor Law Practice, Trust Law, Modern Trust Law, Global Health Law, etc.

The Social Law Institute emphasizes combination of theory and practice, and focuses on the connection to domestic substantial departments. At present, "Clinical Education in Labor Law", offered every semester, has been listed as an official course of our university. Labor law clinic has been developed into a public welfare organization with an independent teaching plan and equipped with professional teachers, lawyers and students as legal aid providers to handle labor dispute cases independently. The institute cooperates with Taikang Insurance Group Inc. and Beijing DeHeng Law Offices, establishing a joint training base for postgraduates in social law. Every semester, external mentors are invited to carry out the practice of giving a series of lectures in the same classroom.

The Social Law Institute focuses on maintaining academic ties with foreign institutions, including the United States, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, etc., and the cooperation involves scientific research institutions, government departments, and teaching departments etc.